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Import and Export LCs

A Letter of Credit is an undertaking issued by a bank (issuing bank) for the account of the buyer (the applicant) to pay the beneficiary (the seller), provided that the terms of the Letter of Credit are complied with.
nIt is generally used to facilitate the importation or exportation of goods and services as well as local trade.




Safe and secure way to import or export

For both account and non-account holders

As per tariff guide

Competitive pricing

Must be able to secure the letters of credit with 100% cash cover or equivalent


The bank acts as intermediary between the importer and exporter to guarantee payment

Permanent business locations


Flexible security requirements i.e. log books, title deed, residential license,  debentures, shares, Treasury Bills, etc

Maximum period, 12 months (1 year)


Credit Life Insurance





  • A written irrevocable undertaking issued by the bank to pay to the beneficiary, a specific sum of money on demand in the event that its customer, (applicant) has not fulfilled his contractual obligations within the validity of the guarantee. 
  • Guarantees can be local or foreign. It helps to ensure that customers meet their performance obligations under contracts with their clients e.g. guarantee available includes bid bond, performance bond, advance payment bonds, credit guarantee, etc.




Bid bonds can be unsecured up to Tshs 10,000,000

Accessible to Equity Bank customers who require a guarantee or bond from the bank

Bid bonds - 1% minimum Tshs .100,000

Flexible securities required e.g. cash, land, motor vehicles, Treasury Bills, etc


Others - 3% p.a. minimum Tshs. 100,000

Allows customer to enjoy supplier credit period



Cheaper way of doing business (non funded)



Credit Life Insurance




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