Micro Business Loans

Group Loan Group Loan is a credit product specially designed for group borrowers or customers with micro businesses   Benefits/Features Eli

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SME Loans

SME- Business Loan Available to SME’s operating in Transport, Trade and Commerce, Construction, Manufacturing, Education, Health and other service sectors.  

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Corporate Loans

Corporate - Business Loan Available to large organisations and multinational companies to finance business expansions or operating expenses.   B

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Agriculture Loans

Commercial Agriculture Loan This is a medium term loan to medium and large scale farmers to assist in purchase of farm machinery, equipment and any other farming and social-development needs. The

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Trade Finance Products

Import and Export LCs A Letter of Credit is an undertaking issued by a bank (issuing bank) for the account of the buyer (the applicant) to pay the beneficiary (the seller), provided that the terms

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Bills Discounting

LPO Financing Financing of customer’s LPO at an agreed fee and commission. The facility will be applicable to customers who normally trade with reputable companies with good credit rating

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Asset Finance loans

This is a short to medium term loan granted to customers for purchase of moveable capital assets, mainly motor vehicles, construction equipment, industrial plant and machinery, agricultural equipme

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Consumer Loans

    Consumer Loans Salary advance The loan is advanced up to four (4) times the average monthly net salary to help the salaried customers meet emergency needs. It is a facility aff

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Fanikisha Loans

  1.       Fanikisha Maisha ---LA543 a.       Group Loans b.      Loan amounts from 20,000 to 1Million

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